Meet Diana’s

Our story is one of passion, perseverance, and a ton of bananas.

Started from Chicago, now we’re here.

The beginning.

Diana’s Bananas was born at the 1984 Taste of Chicago Festival, after a serendipitous experiment at a stand that had been selling chocolate-covered strawberries. (You can probably piece together what happened.)

By the end of the festival, over 25,000 chocolate-covered bananas had been sold – and Diana’s was officially a hit..

Straight from the source.

With our new business quickly making a name for itself, we soon had one goal: make the world’s best chocolate-dipped frozen bananas. And how do you do that? Well, you start with the world’s best bananas.

Our search eventually brought us to farms in Ecuador, where today, we maintain relationships with farmers to ensure that the bananas we use are simply the best. Period.

That’s one ingredient.But what about…

The chocolate. We’re getting there. Don’t rush us.

We knew we had to get our chocolate just right. So we spent countless hours with established Chicago chocolatiers until we landed on a rich, decadent coating that wouldn’t crack and perfectly complemented the sweet & creamy taste of our bananas.

We also added a stick. That part was easy..

Our big break.

Still just a street festival favorite at this point, we knew we had the goods to satisfy snackers from coast to coast. But first, we had to get into grocery stores. So we approached another Chicago legend, Jewel, in hopes of convincing them to carry Diana’s in their freezer sections. Spoiler alert: they said yes.

The rest is history.

Since then, we’ve gone nationwide, making new strides every step of the way. We created Banana Bites—morsel-sized mouthfuls of banana and chocolate. We added a whole new layer to the world’s best chocolate-dipped frozen banana with Double Dipped Banana Halves. And we’ve got a whole bunch of exciting new flavors coming to stores soon.

Keep your eyes peeled..