Great Taste, Less Waste

At Diana’s, we work hard to bring you a product that’s as sustainable as it is delicious.

A growing problem.

Here’s the ugly truth–an incredible 30% of all food produced globally goes to waste, including over a billion perfectly delicious bananas. Often, bananas are tossed for reasons as trivial as being too small, or “lone bananas,” separated from the bunch. But there’s a solution – and it’s called upcycling.

This banana? Yeah, it’s a rescue.

At Diana’s, we take those small, solo, or slightly irregular bananas and turn them into frozen, chocolate-dipped deliciousness. So, when you buy a box, not only are you enjoying one of the most scrumptious snacks known to man, you’re kinda saving the planet. (Thank you for your service.)

Perfection,frozen in time.

You know that moment when a banana is not too green, not too ripe…just perfect? So do we –because that’s exactly when ours are frozen. Not only does this ensure our bananas are delicious and creamy, but it also locks in all their useful vitamins and minerals when they’re at their peak. By freezing our fruit at the source in Ecuador, we’re able to prevent countless bananas from being wasted. Which is pretty…cool?

Using every last bit.

Don’t worry – our all those banana peels don’t go to waste, either. Once our bananas are frozen, our peels are composted, returning their nutrients to the earth where they play an integral part in growing future crops.

When it comes to searching for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, Diana’s is just getting started. We continue to prioritize sustainability in everything we do, so when you pick up a pack, you can feel as good about what you’re putting in your body as you do about what you’re doing for the environment.